The topics that are generally covered in the test have been grouped into twelve instructional modules below. You will be tested only on the basic concepts of physics, chemistry and biology. Click on science topics and select any of the topics listed in the module to review.

Lesson 1:
Basic structure of atom

Cell structure and function

Functions of cell organelles

Types of tissues
Lesson 2:
Movement of substances across the cell membrane
Acids and bases, pH scale
Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids
Lesson 3:
Basic structure of the eye
Basic structure of the ear
Nervous system
Lesson 4:
Circulatory system
Introduction to mechanics (motion/forces)
Electrical circuits
Lesson 5:
Balancing chemical equations and writing formulas
Essentials of photosynthesis and respiration
Classifying organic compounds
Lesson 6:
Interpretation of graphs and pictograms
Analyzing and making conclusions from experiments
Data analysis
Lesson 7:
Endocrine system
Digestive system
Genitourinary system
Lesson 8:
Reproduction in mammals
Basic parts of a flower
Reproduction in plants (the process of pollination
Lesson 9:
Modes of heat transfer
Calculating heat energies and phase diagrams
Temperature conversions (Kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit)
Lesson 10:
Gas laws (Boyle, Charles, Gay-Lussac)
Types of energy (Potential, kinetic, etc…..)
Chemical bonds, equilibrium and equilibrium constants
Mixtures, types of solutions, solubility
Lesson 11:
Concepts of the food pyramid, food web and food chain
Light (diffraction, refraction, reflection, dispersion)
Basic concepts on waves
Sound waves
Catalyst and enzymes
Lesson 12:
The Electroscope
Radioactivity and half-life Tropism


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