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Goals ::

Course Objectives

1. To learn to evaluate critically a piece of written text or information;
2. To use a dictionary when necessary;
3. To acquire and develop basic writing skills.     

This course is the first of a two-course sequence for basic writers and is designed to enhance reading and writing skills. The course achieves these goals by asking students to work conscientiously, to read and write often and actively, to ask questions, to verbalize thinking, to listen to peers, and especially to revise ideas based on new information. In addition, the course introduces the elements of expository writing in a student-centered classroom that encourages peer interaction during the several phases of a writing assignment. Students submit a final draft after a series of revisions that incorporates ideas and alterations suggested by the instructor and frequently by other students.

Course Requirements

  • Formal essays (several drafts, all typed)
  • Quizzes
  • In-class writing assignments
  • Journal
  • Participation in class discussions
  • End of term portfolio
  • Nelson Denny pre- and post-tests
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