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Below is the Code of Conduct for students enrolled in ACF 96.
Adherence to this code will eliminate unnecessary disruptions to learning and ensure that all students receive the maximum benefit of instruction. The following conduct is expected:

  • Behavior: Students will conduct themselves in a mature, professional manner.  We expect students to respect each other, instructors and visitors.  This includes:
    • Students may not use obscene language.
    • Students may not sleep or lie on desks during instruction.
    • Students may not use personal listening devices (CDs, cassette players, etc.).
    • Students must turn off cell phones and pagers prior to entering class unless given advance permission by the instructor.

  • Attendance:  Attendance is governed by the official college-wide attendance policy in which students are permitted no more than two weeks (6 sessions) of classes. Absences for any reason which exceed this limit will result in automatic withdrawal from the course.  This attendance policy is in effect the first day of class,  and absences due to late registration will count.

  • Lateness:  Students are expected to arrive to class on time.  Lateness is a serious disruption to the teaching/learning process.  You will be marked “Late” if you arrive 5 minutes after the official start of class.  Every two times you are late will count as one absence.
  • Participation:  Students are expected to remain in class, pay attention and participate until the instructor dismisses class.   Students who leave early will be marked absent (without prior permission from the instructor). 
  • Preparedness:  We expect student to come to class fully prepared.  This includes having thoroughly completed reading and writing assignments as well as bringing all needed materials (books, disks, pens, paper).

  • Academic Integrity:  Students are expected to maintain high standards of academic integrity. Plagiarism (presenting someone else’s work as your own), copying, and any form of cheating will not be tolerated.  Students who cheat will receive a “0” for the assignment.  Furthermore, a report of the incident will be forwarded to the Dean.


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