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Yes, the 21st Century has arrived! Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) persons have achieved a higher level of acceptance than before.

Unfortunately, homophobia is still an issue on many college campuses, and Bloomfield College is no exception. The good news is, Bloomfield College has a Gay/Non-Gay Alliance! Established in 1998, the Alliance has taken on the mission of positively addressing issues affecting the effective communication and relationship between gay and non-gay persons. Our goals are to:

bullet Decrease homophobia among students, faculty, and staff and promote inclusiveness among the college community.
bullet Be a safe, confidential source of help for GLBT persons — whether students, faculty, or staff.
bullet Be a resource for information — publications, websites, links and contacts to other organizations.
bullet Educate the campus community about GLBT issues.
bullet Be a liaison with administration.

 We are very pleased with the progress we have made so far. We’ve held training sessions and discussions on GLBT issues and how they affect Bloomfield College and the community at large. We participated in the Township of Bloomfield’s first March for Unity and Peace. We’ve held bake sales and sold T-shirts to raise funds to support our mission. Our members have worked with the college administration to secure benefits for domestic partners. Faculty and staff who attended our special training seminar have earned stickers identifying them as "safe."

Most of all, we are a safe, private, confidential resource for anyone who needs us. Our "safe" faculty and staff members offer one-on-one help and support.

But we have a lot of work ahead of us.

We hope you will use our website as a source of information, as a means of contact, and as a link to other helpful information.

Contact the Bloomfield College Gay / Non-Gay Alliance

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